Hello I’m Antony Rappai

I’m an experienced IT Manager and Administrator with an approachable, caring leadership style.I love solving problems and thinking outside the box, and I know when to take on projects versus when to delegate.I’ve developed a reputation as a trusted resource for administrators, teachers, and co-workers, particularly in tech integration projects. I also have experience working directly with students one-on-one as a JV Soccer Coach, one of my favorite aspects of the job.I’m ready to take on a new challenge, using my skills to lead an IT department at a small to mid-sized school on the international circuit. One of my key core values is my ability to balance firm leadership with supportive management. I also have a knack for making complex programs easy to implement. Under my direction, IT projects run smoothly and on schedule.

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Why Schools Should Move to a Hyper-converged Infrastructure

It’s no secret that the legacy IT infrastructure is at risk of failure, threatened by the growing demands of future enterprise applications and the nature of modern business. Having separate storage networks and servers results in the creation of silos which prove to be a barrier to the evolution of the infrastructure and add complexity … Continue reading Why Schools Should Move to a Hyper-converged Infrastructure

Thinking about revamping your school website?

I have been trying to convince the School to move away from our overpriced Website hosting provider and moving to a more dynamic, modern website with WordPress and in the process save us at least 20000$ annually. Coincidently our Schools 30th anniversary was just around the corner, and our communications dept was in agreement about … Continue reading Thinking about revamping your school website?

The cyber security plan every school needs

Not many schools in today’s world take cybersecurity seriously.Over the last couple of years, we faced some significant security breaches in our school, one instance where our school information system got hacked with the strut vulnerability, and another case was when we had a lot of email accounts hacked as a result of being phished. After … Continue reading The cyber security plan every school needs

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