Introducing Coding to Students & Teachers with Light Blue Bean

What Is IOT (Internet of Things)? We're getting really, really good at making small computers. While phones are an obvious example of this (your phone is much more powerful than a full sized computer from even twenty years ago), there are a lot of other places where we've started to stick small computers. All of … Continue reading Introducing Coding to Students & Teachers with Light Blue Bean

Playposit Makes Teaching Language Easy

Playposit is a hot new app that puts a tremendous amount of power in the hands of teachers. It's a platform for creating and distributing interactive video content. At the most basic level, Playposit allows you to add text, questions, surveys, and other media events to videos. That's not all, however. It's got a whole … Continue reading Playposit Makes Teaching Language Easy

Apple TV and Meraki headaches

Just when we thought our brand spanking new Meraki is working like a charm, we started getting calls from teachers saying that the Apple TV's kept on disconnecting every few minutes and in some cases it would disconnect every few seconds, this got really frustrating - as we did not face many issues with our previous Cisco … Continue reading Apple TV and Meraki headaches